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 EOD rules on wii

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EOD rules on wii Empty
PostSubject: EOD rules on wii   EOD rules on wii EmptySun Dec 02, 2012 2:39 pm

1: green names are for leaders only
2: black is for black list members only
3: if u are not given permission to have ur name black or green please do not change ur name to that color.
3: all hackers cannot demote, hop, ban anyones account without seeing me first.
4: all hackers cannot hop fellow EOD members accounts unless asked to do so to promote or give custom classes.
5: ONLY generals and up are aloud to fully let someone join eod. otherwise if u have someone who wishes to join eod please bring them to a leader. DO NOT LET THEM CHANGE THIER NAME.
6: clan wars will be done and only done by a co leader or the leader of eod. you can how ever find clan wars for EOD to do. but all clan wars are orcastrated and done by black list members and the leader/co leader of eod only.
7: please treat you fellow eod members with respect. if u have an issue with any eod members please bring it to my attention and it will be dealt with.
8: only EOD army man can edit this document and any other document on the EOD group page.
9: if u are in multiple calns the only restriction is that if thier is a meeting or an event in eod that requires ur presence u must be thier.
10: please be respectfull to the EOD name and its reputation we have done alot to keep a good name. SO DONT RUIN THIS!!! <_+_> breaking of these rules can mean suspension from eod or kicked from eod, or can be worse bassed off what u do. if anyone has any rules they think should be added please let me know and i will see if it should be added to the rules.<_+_>
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EOD rules on wii
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