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AGREEMENT AND TERMS OF USE OF THE ALLIANCE(SKYNET) This goes for all the listed clans below all the clans are under an alliance and an unbreakable contract. This contract is a base line and a chain of command to keep everything civilized and in order. This contract will also discuss a chain of command and a list of enforced rules. This contract envoles RED x, CMD, EOD, BWK, FAZE ...
Section 1 (Chain of Command)
(1) All Clans have a ranking system (each vary from others) you obey the ranking system or "Chain of Command".
(2) In the case of a dismiss (more in point 3), a new raked officer will be met at demand and will be discussed by other clans and ranking systems.
(3) You can only dismiss a leader (make a new one) is if the leader is breaking rules or ruining the clan (more in point 4).
(4) In the case of a dismiss it can only happen if all alliance clans agree with the change of positions (more in point 5).
(5) If an argument breaks out, if the current COO "reference 1" should stay or go it will be resolved by the current COO's "reference 1" of the alliance clans.
(6) All clans may create their own rules if it goes along with the rules of this contract. Only COO (refference 1) of the clan may pass the rules (more in point 7).
(7) When a rule is made you must let everyone in the clan know (more in point Cool.
(Cool If someone breaks a new rule and they were not aware of the rule they have one day to learn the new rules.
Section 2 (Rules and Rights)
(1) All Clans have the right to recruit new members but only the clan officers have the right to kick/remove them from the clan.
(2) There will be NO wars with the alliance clans (more in point 3).
(3) In the case of an argument "war" it will be resolved by the COO's "reference 1" of all clans.
The new rules are 6, 7, 8, they need to be ratified into the contract.
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the alliance
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